The leader of BigBang, a boy band consisted of G-Dragon, T.O.P, Taeyang, Seungri and Daesung, kicked of his first solo world tour and on the very first day G-Dragon had to be put on a drip. But this did not stop him from performing.

G-Dragon unveiled his first solo world tour concert ONE OF A KIND in Seoul on March 30 at the Olympic Gymnastics Area. He completed his first performance which included the revelation of his new song MichiGo, joined by his extremely enthusiastic fans.

According to related-personnel on March 31, G-Dragon fell ill on March 30 when his first concert was held, and had to take a visit to a hospital to be put on a drip before he went on stage to perform.

They also told StarNews, “G-Dragon had been rehearsing with the American staff members at an arena in Seoul weeks before the concert date, and for the last few days he had been holding rehearsals at the actual concert arena. The temperature-drop gave him a cold just before his concert and he was suffering from a terrible sore throat.”

They added, “in case of BigBang’s concert, if one is sick other members can come up with different plans, but because it is a solo concert, all he could do was visit a doctor and be put on a drip right before the performance. But despite all this G-Dragon performed so powerfully and enthusiastically that no fans had noticed he was unwell.”

According to the source, G-Dragon asked 2NE1’s leader CL, who was a part of his duet song The Leaders, if the girl group can be his guest artist for his following concert on March 31. This was an SOS call. G-Dragon has to perform for two full hours by himself, but if 2NE1 could join him as a guest artist he can take a break and have some time to recharge.

CL, when asked, immediately phoned the other members of 2NE1. Dara, who was scheduled to leave for Thailand in the morning of March 31, postponed the trip to perform at her great friend’s concert. G-Dragon and Dara are known for their close friendship. So 2NE1 is to perform as a guest artist on the second day of G-Dragon’s solo concert on March 31.

For this concert, G-Dragon will travel to 8 different countries including Korea and Japan for his 26 performances, and he will be joined by 550,000 fans in 13 cities.

reupload: Ukbaddestfemale


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