Singer-Producer Sunwoo Jungha talks about her entry and working at YG Entertainment!


Dong A interviews composer Sunwoo Jungha who has worked with several YG Entertainment artists including 2NE1.


However, there is a high possibility that you would have heard of Sunwoo Jungha‘s name before. She had participated in half of the songs in Lee Hayi‘s debut album as a songwriter, lyricist or composer. She was also the one who made 2NE1′s ‘It Hurts‘ and GD&TOP‘s ‘Oh Yeah‘. “It was through YG producer Kush oppa that I got to know CEO Yang Hyun Suk, who saw a video of my performance in Hongdae (through Kush) by chance. It seems that he liked the way I deconstructed the songs in a medley and took me in.”

Sunwoo Jungha’s first project for YG was to rearrange 2NE1′s hit song, ‘I Don’t Care‘ and create its reggae version. It was only through the success of this song that she was able to treat the YG studios like her ‘cave’ often. The indie musician that was active in the jazz clubs of Gangnam and rock clubs of Hongdae was suddenly a pop music songwriter.

What were her thoughts of the glamorous idol life that she had suddenly entered?

“I was shocked. I had always thought that the system was like strict restrictive parenting, but Big Bang and 2NE1 has so much freedom. They were just like kids that gathered around to do their homework (in the studio). Tasked to work at my own discretion, I just lost myself in music.”

(non-2NE1 parts omitted)

Source: Dong A via Nate
Translated by
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