[News] A title song and music video will be revealed on May 28 for CL’s solo debut!

2NE1 CL’s first solo debut, against Lee Hyori and Seo InYoung.

It was revealed that this coming 28th, CL will be releasing her first solo as well as participate in other activities. 2NE1′s company, YG Entertainment (YG) revealed a teaser photo on their official website that said, “WHO’S NEXT?” Later, it was revealed through another photo that CL is the main soloist.

A YG representative stated, “Though we can’t fully inform everyone of any specific details just yet, representative producer Yang Hyun Suk has pushed CL a lot for this project and it is his trump card. It will be rare, new and fresh music for the existing music industry.”

Additionally, “CL‘s first solo single will not be a short-term project but a normal promotion together with a title song. On the 28th, CL‘s solo single will be released together with a music video. It is also expected that following weekend that CL will be promoting in music shows.”

Previously, 2NE1′s Park Bom and Sandara Park released their own singles, CL is the third member to release a solo. Other big artists like Lee Hyori and Seo Inyoung will also be having their comeback in this period of time. People are excited to see what kind of competition CL will show through her solo debut.

Source: Naver News
Translated by: CLTheBaddestFemale.com (CLTBF)
Reuploaded by ukbaddestfemale


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