[130523] CL, changing the English title of her solo song, “It’s not because of Lee Hyori”


CL, changing the English title of her solo song, “It’s not because of Lee Hyori”.

Confirmation of the English title change of ‘Bad Girl’, from Bad Girl to “The Baddest Female”.

The leader of the four-membered girlgroup 2NE1 (CL Sandara Park Park Bom Gong Minji) is changing the English title of her upcoming first solo song in 4 years ‘Bad Girl’.

CL’s company YG Entertainment (YG) has announced to Star News that, “‘Bad Girl”s original English title has been fixed today (on the 23th)” and added that “after asking CL asked how it’d be to change the English title to ‘The Baddest Female’, we’re confirming that the final English title for ‘Bad Girl’ is ‘The Baddest Female’.”

‘The Baddest Female’ is an expression CL has liked for a long time and is also the one she’s using when signing for her fans. CL also agreed to ‘Bad Girl’ being the English title of her song as first but after thinking about it, she expressed her opinion and asked whether it was fine to change it to ‘The Baddest Female’ which she likes, uses often and has a bigger meaning to her. CL is usually known for being nice and having good manners, but as soon as she gets on stage, she wants to become a cool and bad girl, which is why she started using ‘The Baddest Female’

YG, agreeing with CL’s opinion has decided to change the English title of ‘Bad Girl’ to ‘The Baddest Female’.

To the questions wondering if “They changed the English title of ‘Bad Girl’ because the title track of Lee Hyori’s 5th album is ‘Bad Girls’”, YG representatives replied “It’s not true at all’“ and furthermore explained that “Even though ‘Bad Girl’ is a title that has been picked for a long time, ‘The Baddest Female’ is a title we’ve thought of together and the Korean title is still going to be ‘Bad Girl’”.

Earlier today, YG representatives revealed about ‘Bad Girl’ that “It’s a slow BPM 70 hiphop song mixed with a modern sound that mixes dougie and dubstep and that goes well with CL’s strong rapping”.

They then added that “CL who has now turned 23 joined YG as a trainee at the age of 16 because she was dreaming of becoming a female rapper, she now going to have her first solo promotions 7 years after she started training and 4 years after officially debuting in the music industry in 2009 as a 2NE1 member”.

The YG representatives concluded with “CL hasn’t just left for Japan to receive dance lessons for the ‘Bad Girl’ choreography, she has also attended the meetings for her music video and showed her passion for the fashion and the ideas [for the music video] on the set” and “Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Taeyang as well her close personal connections will make appearances in her music video”.

Source : Nate

Translated by Kaeryn @ YGLadies.com
reuploaded by ukbaddestfemale


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