[130601] Hwangssabu @/hwangssabu, HITECH & CRAZY support CL’s solo stage.



“The baddest female” Super-gogogo~^^ @ NAGOYA DOME instagram.com/p/aCpawMPPGW/

— HWANGSSABU (@Hwangssabu) June 2, 2013


Chaerin-ah show them how to do it just once today!!!!!!good show!!!!!!

— Kwon youngdeuk (@HitechMain) June 2, 2013

Today is CL “나쁜기지배” ingigayo !!!!everybody Lookkkkkkkkkkk — Kwon young don (@crowndony) June 2, 2013

Today’s the first broadcast for Inkigayo!!! Chaerinnie Fightingtingtingtingtingtingtingtingting!!!! Yeah!! #CL #나쁜기집애 #THE BADDEST FEMALE

— Eunyoung Park (@RarmG) June 2, 2013


 #CL #나쁜기집애 The pre-recording has been successfully completed! To the Blackjacks & Ms Dara who cheered enthusiastically for a long time! Thank you for your hard work:) You’ll be able to watch the 나쁜기집애 stage soon through the TV!! Don’t forget to catch it live!!

— GLOBAL BLACKJACK (@GlobalBlackjack) June 2, 2013


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