[NEWS]SBS PD says that ‘Inkigayo’ wasn’t able to stand up to YG Entertainment for CL’s swimsuit outfit + KOCSC issues a note of advice to ‘Inkigayo’



The Korea Communications Standards Commission (KOCSC) has given an official note of firm ‘advice’ to SBS‘ ‘Inkigayo‘ for allowing CL to wear a ‘swimsuit’ outfit on stage.


The Subcommittee to Broadcast Deliberation, under the KOCSC, held a review for the June 9th episode of ‘Inkigayo’ due to the controversy surrounding CL’s white bodysuit on her “The Baddest Female” stage.



SBS’ Kim Yong Kwon PD pleaded, “We should have regulated it better, but we were told by those at their office [YG Entertainment] that they took a lot of effort into her outfit, so we couldn’t regulate it strongly. I think that was wrong. I have no excuse to make… The singer (CL)’s reps said that she’ll wear a coat on top of her outfit if she’s allowed to wear it. But this time, even though she wore a coat, there was a problem. But when an agency is too strong, there’s a limit to how much we can say. Depending on the situation, the production staff can either be the one in power or the one without the power.” He also added, “Since a few weeks ago, we’ve been having artists send us the outfits they plan to wear through photos because of the (sexual) controversies.


After reviewing the situation, one of the judges on the panel, Um Kwang Suk said, “It’s kind of overboard to take legal action with exposure level of a swimsuit. But at the same time, we thought that if we only give administrative guidance, even more severe violations may occur in the future, so we thought a lot about it. However, in the end, we still believed that legal action for this is too much,” explaining the board’s decision to just issue out an official note of ‘advice’ to the show instead to remind them to take more care in these matters. 


Another judge Park Sung Hee also commented, “The problem would be if there was excessive sexuality expressed through choreography and other motions with the outfit. But I don’t think CL did that“, agreeing with the decision..


Standing Commissioner Kim Taek Gon agreed and said, “Sexuality cannot be decided just through clothes. Even though it’s true that her outfit is short, her dance moves aren’t sexual. Since her outfit wasn’t to emphasize sexuality, we will give them a note of ‘advice’.


Junior Chairperson Kwon Hyun Bu disagreed and said, “It was aired during the safe hours for adolescents’ television viewing. Recently, students carry around two sets of uniforms (one short, one long). This is the bad effect of broadcast like this.” However, since the majority of the opinions of the others on the panel were that CL’s outfit, although slightly revealing, was not accompanied by a provocative choreography or motions that utilized the outfit, the show was in the end just issued a note of ‘advice’.


  Source: Media Us via Nate


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