SBS Super Match films its first episode + full line up revealed!


‘Super Match’ held its first recording on the 25th at the SBS Seoul Mapogu Seongamdong Prism Centre. Presenter Kim Gura and Lee Hwijae acted as MCs and singers Lee Seung Hwan, Yoon Do Hyun, Bobby Kim, Yang Hee Eun, Lee Hyun Do participated as the Senior team. The Junior team’s spots went to 2NE1′s CL, Clazziquai, Dynamic Duo, Kim Yerim and Kim Tae Woo.

Senior singer Lee Hyeon Do was the last one to be revealed as part of the line-up. He is active as a judge on cable channel Mnet’s ‘Show Me the Money Season 2′. It is known that on the first recording of ‘Super Match’, Senior & Junior teams got together and talked about a variety of topics, sang with each other and got to know each other. They then also had some time to select their partners.

Just the MC for Super Match, Kim Gura said, “I was disappointed that when the media released articles on ‘Super Match’ yesterday, everyone was only interested in the singers that will be participating. No one was interested to know who the MCs will be,” he continues, “even though so I’m just happy to be able to take on this role with such a colourful cast”. With a smile, MC Lee Hwijae also said, “it’s a cast that is beyond premium. Looking at the line-up, I think that the MCs are perfectly chosen”.

Super Match’s concept is ‘cross generations, showdown of collaborations between generations’. The idea is that singers who had their debut before 1998 will be the Senior team while singers who had their debut after 1998 will be the Junior team. A senior and junior will then form their own teams and these teams will battle through songs. ‘Super Match’ is expected to air next month as a summer special.

Source: SportsSeoul
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