Seung-yoon became our precious junior singer after his appearance on Double Park TV as the first guest. As a bonus, I will tell you about the Seung-yoon’s Mcountdown performance. We left our support messages for our cute junior singer without his knowledge. Seung-yoon must have been moved. Min-ji, the senior but the same age with Seung-yoon, left a comment for him as well. Seung-yoon~ This is your senior Min-ji. Wow, so cute!

Tada! You are still giving a lot of love to “DO YOU LOVE ME”, which heated up this summer. Thank you. 2NE1 loves you!!!


(I will show you the beautiful 2NE1 members in a swimsuit from now on. It is still a hot summer. Aren’t you happy to see the cool swimming pool? It was for the filming of our music video, but we had a good time in Jeju Island. Firstly, I will show you our leader CL’s picture. She is sexy and charismatic indeed as a leader. Wow!Image

Read the full report here http://m.star.naver.com/2ne1/news/end?id=1503865

Source: star.naver


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