With the future of music blurring more and more culture lines, Chad Future does the same for the ever growing K-Pop genre. He takes the artistry, production, and visual appeal and takes it to a new global level performing in both English and Korean.
what has been bestowed upon him as the leader of “AK-POP” – Chad Future’s solo debut will prove to be truly first of its kind in blazing a new trail for modern music.
For this debut mini-album release, Chad Future has combined forces with the top song writers, producers and engineers from the K-Pop industry.
The first mini album will feature the talents of Drew Ryan Scott (Super Junior, Girls Generation, TVXQ!, Tae-yang, SHinee) Sammy Naja (Shinee) Jeremy Thurber, Tom Coyne (BIGBANG, 2NE1) and more.


Chad Future
Birth Name
David Lehre
Detroit, Michigan
6’0″ (183cm)
138lbs (63kgs)
Question one: Out of 2NE1’s songs, which one are you feeling like today?
Falling in Love. I really appreciate all the messages i’ve been getting since my debut on M-Countdown
Question Two: Fill in the blanks of “I am weak towards ____Black heart (cards)
Macaroon Ice Cream Sandwiches and CL’s Instagram. haha >_< 
Question Three: A small amount of kpop fans have said you are ‘a shame to kpop society’ – How do you take these hate comments and what keeps you motivated to carry on producing music?  What do you do to get confidence?
hahaha, what? I don’t even read that stuff.  Shame on them for writing that.  I’m doing what I love, following my dreams and making a positive impact around the world. 

Question four: From your recent Video you said you “Fan boy’d over CL” How and what makes you so interested in CL and 2NE1?

I don’t want this whole interview to sound like a CL love letter, but She’s a very powerful performer on stage, and a very cute personality off stage.  She can sing, rap and dance.  Works hard and is a good leader.  Since I’ve been a fan since 2009, i’m proud of how much she’s grown and improved over the years. 
Question 5: What’s something you definitely had to do to fulfil your dream?
Work hard and believe in myself, even when other people didn’t. 
Question 6:
What usually runs through your mind before you go on stage to perform?
Focus.  Visualizing a successful performance in my mind.  Entertaining every single person in the stadium.
What’s your favourite thing about performing?
Being able to give fans my energy, my passion and something we can share together.  I am dedicated to entertaining everyone and guarantee that when you come to a Chad Future show, you will have a great time.  We all work together as a team to give our best. Also, I really like the “live” aspect of performing.  Anything can happen.  You have to roll with the ups and downs and last minute changes.  It’s a very crazy atmosphere behind the scenes, but once you’re on stage, BOOM.  Show time.  
Do you have message for your international fans?
I love you all!  Please keep sending your love and invitations!  I would love to come and perform for all of you soon, so please keep supporting and requesting Chad Future in your country! 🙂 
Have you got any plans to come to the UK? 
Yes! I was there a few years ago and loved it.  I would like to come back and perform for my UK fans soon!
Is there anyways Black Jacks can help and support you? ^^ 
Subscribe on Youtube!  http://youtube.com/ChadFuture 
Follow me on Twitter:  http://twitter.com/Chad_Future
and make sure everyone in YG knows about Chad Future so that I can collaborate with 2NE1 and more great artists soon! 
If you had anything to say to 2ne1?
I already told them when I met them, Thank you for inspiring so many people around the world!
How would you describe your career right now? 
I’m very happy with all the success happening now, and having my debut on M Countdown was a dream come true.  I’m so grateful for everything and will work hard to give all the fans more!!
do you feel like you have ‘hit’ your achievements? 
Debuting on M COUNTDOWN was a big one.  Performing Main Stage for 15,000 people in LA for KCON was another.  Getting my own TV show was another.  Collaborating with a lot of K-Pop artists is another.  Next I want a #1 song in USA, Korea and the rest of the world. I want to travel the world and perform at the biggest venues for all my fans. 
One place you would love to visit? 
Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, lots of places!
Can you give us any other signs of what is next from you? 
My next original single will be with a K-Pop artist.  Please look forward to it!
Thank you, and hope you can reply very soon! 🙂
Thank you and love you all!  ^^

Twitter: http://twitter.com/Chad_Future
Official YouTube: http://twitter.com/chadfuture

To check out more!: 

Chad Future M Countdown DEBUT / KCON 082513


Thank you Chad for taking up your time to talk to us! 


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