[NEWS] 2NE1 ‘Crush’ Listener Reviews Album Songs! ‘Come Back Home,’ ‘Happy,’ ‘Baby I Miss You,’ ‘Mental Breakdown,’ And More!


Recently, 21 lucky individuals had the rare chance to preview and listen to “Crush,” the upcoming full album by 2NE1.

And thanks to one of the individuals, we now have preview descriptions of the 2NE1 album, song by song, starting from the eponymous song “Crush.”

Reportedly, “Crush” is a fast upbeat song like “I am the Best” and “Can’t Nobody,” and has a “mysterious atmosphere.”

“Come Back Home,” has previously described on YG-Life, has a pop, reggae, R&B fusion feel.

“Once you listen to the song, you’ll have the understanding of why it’s the track of the album. It’s a very fresh song, and the verse and chorus are very memorable. The members’ vocals were amazing in the song,” writes wotad1 on AllKPop.

“Gotta Be You” allegedly runs along the veins of “Go Away” and “Love is Ouch,” and features a Bom chorus that is supposed to be very memorable.

“Hope to Live” is a slow R&B song like “Lonely,” “It Hurts,” and “Missing You.” Listeners praised 2NE1 member Dara’s voice a lot.

“Good Girl” has the theme similar to CL’s solo single, “The Baddest Female,” and is a mid-tempo R&B song.

“Mental Breakdown” is the CL solo song included on “Crush.” It is a hip-hop song through and through which showcases CL’s rapping skills.

“Happy,” much like the title implies, is a pop song which left the reviewer feeling fresh and bright.

“Scream” is the Korean version of the Japanese single by 2NE1.

“Baby I Miss You,” reportedly, is going to be a fan favorite.

“There wasn’t a person at the event that didn’t like the song; their reaction to the song was good. It’s like a very chic and fashionable woman, it gives off a more matured and sophisticated feel of the songs found in the first mini-album (like the girl in the first mini-album grew up into the woman in this song).”

“It’s a song that you’d want to listen to over and over.”

Reading this, how do you think the 2NE1 album will satisfy your music needs? Will “Crush” crush its competition?

Source: KpopStarz.com


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